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Gun Holesters | Hybrid Holsters | Concealed Carry Holsters

Hybrid Holsters are perfect for the Snug Fit


One requires a holster if he/she is meant to carry, and these days one of the most popular types is the outside the waistband holster. OWB is a sort of holster that is secured to the belt and rides there. The holster design is very flexible but also has a vast class of products with a lot of differences. Therefore, it can be a bit complicated to pick the right one. Whilst opting for any holster whether an OWB or IWB holster or some other, first of all you have to recognize what you’re looking to acquire. Is this something you are intended to carry every day, or is this a range-day merely rig? In the case of latter one, durability and maintenance may not be the major concern since you’re not going to carry it for more than a few hours during a month. Some people fancy a snug fit, whereas some wish for as much retention as they can get.  Here are the few examples:

Hybrid Holsters: These holsters, especially with an adaptable retention shell can indeed offer an extremely snug fit. Some holster designs might feature retention devices such as thumb break band, while holsters such as Kydex duty and tactical can have numerous layers of retention including a thumb break and trigger guard catch.

Leather Holsters: This type of holster looks the classiest but leather pancake holsters too don’t have a lot of structural stiffness. Once you’ve drawn your pistol, re-holstering requires a tad more effort since the holster will wilt to an extent. A good middle ground is to come across a leather holster with a plastic liner and if possible one custom molded to your model pistol. By this way, the fit is perfect and re-holstering is simple.

Concealed Holsters

Some handguns are designed in a way that they can minimize the level of discomfort. On the other hand, some are totally independent of sharp edges. Here are the few points that you need to bear in mind regarding the concealed holsters:

  • Don’t Buy Junk
  • Kydex Is On Par With Leather
  • Look Over Your Wardrobe

Contrary to what many people may think, it is you who needs to decide how and where to carry your concealed gun holster. But firstly you need to make certain that the holster is apt for your handgun because if it doesn’t fit appropriately, it will wobble or move around. It can be very frustrating when you are trying to go about your day without making it obvious that you are moving your gun around every time you sit down or stand up.  

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